Columbia Nourish is a student run food sustainability organization at Columbia University. Our current goal is to explore the meaning of food sustainability in an urban area. Food sustainability is healthy and safe food that provides sustainable impacts on environmental, economic, and social systems.

Columbia Nourish offers support to nonprofits that do not have enough resources by creating, planning, and executing projects. We select people within the Columbia community with the project-specific skills to work on those projects. We also FUNDRAISE! For our group and the projects we are collaborating on, we raise awareness for our club on campus and our food sustainability and activism messages.

This year we are partnered with Earth Matter NY (https://earthmatter.org) and Fuel The People (https://www.fuelthepeople.com). Earth Matter NY seeks to reduce the organic waste misdirected into the garbage stream by encouraging neighbor participation and leadership in composting. Fuel the People works to provide nourishment to protestors on the front lines, support local Black and POC-owned restaurants and businesses, and donate to local organizations who work tirelessly to support Black liberation.

We had two collaborations over the past two years:

During the summer of 2019, we sent interns over to do a collaboration in Sembrando Juntos, Peru. They worked on cloud fishing (captured moisture from air). A school then requested a water management system so we established a “bike pump” to deliver water (captured from net *cloud fishing*) to the school. We achieved this by partnering with Aquanauts, a group that addresses global water challenges.

During this past school year (2019-2020), we transitioned to working with local organizations in the Manhattan area partnering with Earth Matter, a NGO. We focused on reducing the environmental impact of food waste. We researched and summarized possible grant opportunities for their Zero Waste Island program. We reached out to people, professors, and organizations from the business school to help out.

This year, we plan to organize potential marketing campaigns and/or raise awareness about food insecurity & social justice.

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